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FAITH PROMISE is a prayerful means of increasing our giving to missions. The church budget alone is insufficient to support all the missionaries to whom we are committed, thus FAITH PROMISE. In FAITH individuals and/or families trust God for a certain amount of extra income or funds for the year and they PROMISE (as God provides) to give that amount to the church as a FAITH PROMISE offering to help finance our missions outreach. How might God provide “extra funds”? An insurance refund, tax or credit card refund, gift from someone, pay raise, etc., etc.

How does this work in practice? A family (or an individual) spends time in prayer asking God what He might supply as extra income for 2016. After prayerful consideration that amount is indicated on the FAITH PROMISE Form (The church will collect these forms on Sunday, Feb. 14, 2016). People then give through the year as God provides these funds and this giving is specifically identified as FAITH PROMISE so the church treasurer will know that these funds are the FAITH PROMISE over and above regular giving funds and are intended for our missions program. You do NOT need to put your name on this form. It can be anonymous.


SAMPLE FORM (Will be distributed and collected on February 14, 2016)



With God’s help, and trusting in His provision, I hereby pledge to give, in 2016, the amount of: 



Name (Optional) ___________________________________________


Note: Please remember that Faith Promise giving is over and above your regular giving to the church. Thank you.



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